Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here comes everybody .... wait for me, I'm catching up.

I've just finished reading "Here comes everybody" by Clay Shirky which has helped me understand the fascination with blogs and social technology. In chapter 4 he explains it so well. Basically blogs are a conversation between people similar to those conversations you might overhear at a mall, at a cafe, in the train, etc. So these "conversations" are not meant to be read by everybody, only those people interested. If you're not interested, then the blog isn't for you. To quote Shirky on p. 85 "It's simple. They're not talking to you."

Before I read this chapter I really didn't get the whole concept of blogs at all and I didn't understand the attraction of them. So I've really come full circle to now being a blogger (still learning!) myself.

I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in this area - he uses some great examples of what technology and groups organised around social technology can achieve.


Ross said...

Sounds like an interesting read, will track down a copy. I'm currently reading Thriving Libraries; successful strategies for challenging times. The focus is public libraries and it has been an inspirational read. The author focuses on around 25 of the most innovative and successful library services in the US (small, medium and large services) and the strategies utilised by the managers.


Linda said...

Thanks Ross. I will get hold of a copy of Thriving Libraries and add it to my reading pile.