Friday, December 6, 2013

technology trends for 2014 - from @davidleeking

David Lee King has done a recent presentation about emerging trends for libraries in 2014.  You can look at it on slideshare.

Emerging trends in libraries for 2014 from David King

Think about what these trends mean for how your library provides reference and information services.  Add your ideas to the comments on this blog.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More highlights from ALA

There are so many amazing sessions which took place at the recent ALA conference in Chicago, it is hard to know where to start with suggesting session to look at.

Beyond Genre: exploring the perception, uses,and misuses of genre by readers, writers, and librarians  has a very useful reading list about genre discussions. It includes books and website.

You can find out about maker spaces, you can find out about fleeing the reference desk (for the right reasons) and there are useful links about roving reference

You can explore more sessions via this link, searching for the terms which interest you.  Many of the session have links to presentations or handouts.