Friday, June 4, 2010

r u game?

r u game is the name of a seminar, in two parts which is coming up 23 and 24 June. It explores current practice and possibilities for using games in public libraries. Quite a few of these possibilities relate to reference and information services provision.

Part 1
The 23 June seminar is at the State Library of New South Wales. Speakers include, Gary Hayes, Coordinator & Lecturer, Multi Platform Content at the Australian Film TV and Radio School, Sam Doust from ABC innovation, Dr Martin Masek from Edith Cowan University, Jaap Van De Geer and Erik Boekesteijn from DOK, the Delft Public Library, Huon Longman, Sue Killham from Narrandera and Penny Amberg. You can see the full program and book here.

Part 2
24 June seminar takes place online in World of Warcraft. The meeting place is in the Saurfang realm, outsite the Stormwind Keep.

Presenters include Adam Beck from Central Arkansas Library System will be talking about how his library uses World of Warcraft, Liz Danforth who is well known for writing the Games, Gamers, and Gaming” column for Library Journal both in print and online will be talking about some of the possibilities for public libraries using online environments, Huon Longman will talk about his research into the value of online relationships in World of Warcraft will talk about his research into the social value of online communities, Shawn McCann, the first immersive learning (gaming) librarian appointed at McMaster University in Canada will talk about his experiences and ideas, Scott Nicholson, Association Professor for Syracuse University School of Information Studies will talk about using board games in libraries. I will also be exploring some ideas relating to readers advisory work and games.

You can find out more about the seminar here. Don't forget to check out the links in the navigation bar as well.

This slideshow gives you some tips for getting started for the seminar

You can book for the seminar here.

While holding a seminar in an online environment will be a first for New South Wales public libraries, a very successful science conference was held in World of Warcraft in 2008. You can read a write of this science conference, it was featured in Online worlds : convergence of the real and the virtual edited by William Sims Bainbridge and there is more information here.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't forget the databases

This video has been doing the rounds, and it does have some points to remember when providing reference services:
  • Use the catalogue
  • Don't forget the databases.