Friday, May 30, 2008

More from the seminar

For those who have not yet added fresh + new(er) to their rss feed, have a look at the recent post Conversation, the Commons, museum futures, and ‘architectures of participation’.

It mentions Cathy Johnston's slam the boards presentation last week highlighting the role of libraries have in 'asserting relevance'. We can't just assume that people know we are relevent we need to continue to demonstrate it, inform people about our relevance and assert it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reference @ The Metcalfe presentation: Answer Boards & Public Libraries (Cathy Johnston)

This is the presentation I gave at the Reference @ The Metcalfe reference seminar last Wednesday. My aim here was really to inspire other Reference Librarians to think outside their Libraries & consider the enormous potential of Answer Boards and how we can market Libraries & especially Reference Services to the many people asking questions there. It was also a big push to get more and more people involved in and actively participating in Slam the Boards!

If you were at the Seminar I'd really like to know what you thought of my presentation, but more importantly I'd love to get feedback about your impressions and experiences with Answer Boards and especially from participation in the monthly Slam the Boards! event.
Answer Boards and Social Searching was a Week 8 activity in the Learning 2.0 program run by the State Library of NSW.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beyond 4 Walls: Presentation Slides and Links (Martin Boyce)

Beyond 4 Walls: Imagining Reference Services in a 2.0 World was presentation given at the Reference @ the Metcalfe Seminar yesterday. In the presentation I looked at a possible future for reference services and argued the case for starting to plan for that future now.

You can view a version of this presentation below.

If you can't read the text view the presentation on Slideshare, where you can see it in full-screen.

The links mentioned in the presentation can be found on my bookmarks.

If you view this slideshow or saw me present then please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Evaluation of seminar

If you attended the seminar yesterday please complete the evaluation here here

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some ideas from David King

Have a look at this recent presentation by David King (he blogs under David Lee King).

Think about these ideas as they relate to your library, in particular the reference and information services. This may be a good way to start limbering up for the seminar next week - it will be a great opportunity to think about some big ideas and how they are relevant at a local level.

Reference at the Metcalfe Seminar links

The following links will be referred to by presenters at the upcoming Reference at the Metcalfe Seminar. Additional links will be uploaded as they are made available.

Corporate Library Services- the City of Sydney Experience
Kathryn Joss, City of Sydney

Weblinks and email addresses referred to in presentation:
Local Government Collection, City of Sydney Library

NSW Local Government Corporate Librarians Group:
Kathryn Joss, Corporate Librarian, City of Sydney Library:

Online Communities: RSS feeds (Ross Balharrie)

To learn more about Rss feeds and how they can help you keep up to date with your favourite sites checkout the Learning Library 2.0 website; week 4 lesson.