Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The State Library of NSW joins the Flickr commons

The State Library of New South Wales has joined the Flickr Commons. We are the tenth organisation to join. The first was the Library of Congress, closely followed by the Powerhouse Museum. You can read the Powerhouse Museum's discussion of their engagement on the Commons.

Have a look at our photographs on Flickr.

This is currently the State Library's most favourited photograph on Flickr.


Ross said...

Great photo! I read about this in the SMH yesterday. We (Manly Library) intend to upload a portion of our local studies photos onto Flickr in the next week. We have just completed an flicky youth photography competition which was a great success also. For a $25.00 annual subscription fee it's a real winner.

Martin said...

Wow! this is fantastic. Congrats to you Ellen and anyone else at the State Library who helped organise this.

PamL said...

Yep, this is definitely a good idea.
But, isn't Picture Australia already on Flickr? Why isn't is part of the Flickr Commons?