Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some ideas from David King

Have a look at this recent presentation by David King (he blogs under David Lee King).

Think about these ideas as they relate to your library, in particular the reference and information services. This may be a good way to start limbering up for the seminar next week - it will be a great opportunity to think about some big ideas and how they are relevant at a local level.

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mary lennox said...

This is certainly a thought provoking presentation and a grat combination of visula and text to make a point. I'm now beginning to appreciate the relevance of the Learning 2.0 course. I found the references to 'making the time' particularly relevant, and also having 'fun' (reminds me of the new Googel HQ in Switzerland). In so many ways library staff are being stretched in their workplace to accomplish so much in any given week. But I can see this technology and the importance of training this generation in its many possible applications is of the highest priority.