Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reference @ The Metcalfe presentation: Answer Boards & Public Libraries (Cathy Johnston)

This is the presentation I gave at the Reference @ The Metcalfe reference seminar last Wednesday. My aim here was really to inspire other Reference Librarians to think outside their Libraries & consider the enormous potential of Answer Boards and how we can market Libraries & especially Reference Services to the many people asking questions there. It was also a big push to get more and more people involved in and actively participating in Slam the Boards!

If you were at the Seminar I'd really like to know what you thought of my presentation, but more importantly I'd love to get feedback about your impressions and experiences with Answer Boards and especially from participation in the monthly Slam the Boards! event.
Answer Boards and Social Searching was a Week 8 activity in the Learning 2.0 program run by the State Library of NSW.


Bill said...

I have a google alert set up for "slam the boards," so I get to keep up on all the discussion that's going on out there. I really enjoyed your slides and I hope a lot of NSW librarians choose to take the time to do a little slamming!

--Bill Pardue

CatyJ said...

Thanks Bill, the response from the seminar has been positive.


CatyJ said...

In this talk I mentioned a study being done in the US on the StB project - read the preliminary evaluation here - http://ils.unc.edu/~jpom/conf/ASIST2008_ERef_Panel.pdf

and join in the Answer Boards wiki discussion here -