Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Encyclpedia Of Holidays and Celebrations

In the age of the Internet it's all to easy to forget the important role of the traditional print reference resource in today's reference collection. Often it can be easier to walk the client to the reference shelf and grab a tried and true title than to book them on a PC, show them how to use a database interface and print the information. This will certainly be the case if you have a copy of the Encyclopedia of Holidays and Celebrations; A country by Country Guide on the shelf.

The easy to use three volume set provides a country by country overview of the major holidays, festivals, and rights of passage in 206 countries. The entries for each country include a general overview and subsections on holidays, religious holidays, regional holidays, and rites of passage; origins and rituals; and further reading. There are also numerous photographs and side bar entries with interesting cultural facts supplementing every country entry. The first two volumes are organized alphabetically by country whilst the third volume provides in depth articles on religious festivals and a listing of holidays by country. This title caters specifically to secondary students and general interest enquiries and is highly recommended for the Public Library sector.
The Encyclopedia of Holidays and Festivals is published by Facts on File, (2006) isbn 0-8160-6235-8.

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