Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reference Seminar group discussions: E-Government

Results of small group discussion on E-government
* E-government brings a new audience to the library, often these clients are not library members so it provides an opportunity for libraries to show their relevance by satisfying the client's e-government enquiry.
* There is an opportunity for new and improved government partnerships with state and federal bodies.
* There is an opportunity for lobbying for federal government funding.
* There is an opportunity to standardize public library internet access policies throughout the state, if not the nation, particularly by addressing some of the charging anomalies that presently exist.
* Government departments are increasingly directing their clients to the internet instead of providing face to face customer service, this gives us an opportunity for public libraries to prove their relevance to state and federal government departments.
* Government departments could use public libraries as a way of collecting feedback on their website and the information provided, eg what are the most frequently asked questions? How long did it take you find the relevant information? Etc. We would of course charge the relevant departments for providing this service, which is just another reason why we should receive federal funding as well as additional state funding.

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