Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love to answer questions?

On the same day each month Librarians around the globe stretch their reference skills by going online and searching out questions to answer from the various answer boards which are out there - they Slam the Boards.

Not only do they display amazing research skills but they continually point the people asking the question back to their local library and the array of resources they will find there - for free. As a professional development exercise, it's fun and rewarding to stretch your skills in answering questions in a completely online environment.

The final slam for 2012 will be held December 10th. (But you can slam earlier or later if you wish.)

Go ahead, challenge yourself and Slam the Boards! You know you want to!
(and don't forget to comment below with how you went)

I've had a great year slamming, have you?? What are some of the trickier questions you've faced this year?

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