Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How do you keep aware of trends in reference and information services?

The May theme for the twitter reading group is escape.

This is a great way to view professional reading (watching or listening) as it can be through what you are reading you can work out ideas to escape bad work practices, or ways to escape to even more impressive work practices than you work place is currently undertaking.  You could go from good, to great.  A recent OCLC survey showed that, on average only 13% of library staff used blogs as way of keeping up to date with library information.

You can see the brief presentation I made about this today at #risg2012 here.  The links below are not an exhaustive list of all the possibilities, but I did not want to overwhelm with choice.

The following are links to the tools, sites I talked about:
Google alerts - you define your alert by setting up your key words, topics
Pulse - app alerts reading
Flip - ios only format, app alerts reading
Google currents - magazine/news source style content
Google reader - web based
Reeder, uses your Google reader feeds, app

NSW RISG tools
NSW RISG on twitter
NSW RISG twitter lists
RISG new technology blog
RISG wiki join this, and ask to be a writer to contribute content.
and on Flickr

David Lee King and some of the RISG members

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