Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Linked Data: a talk by Tim Sherratt

One of the most exciting presentations of the day at risg2010, but probably the most challenging at the same time, was given by Tim Sherratt. It was titled (a hopefully fairly painless introduction to) Linked Open Data.

Linked Data is a way of embedding machine readable meaning in text on the web. It is fundamentally linked with the concept of the semantic web, one of the hot topics in the emerging development of the web.

Tim introduced those in attendance to the concept and challenged us all to help build the semantic web by tagging photos in the flickr commons with machine readable tags generated by Wragge's Identity Browser.  You can view his slides below and read more about it in a post on Tim's blog.  Even better, get involved and start building meaning into the web - keep an eye out for the 'Great Flickr Machine Tag Challenge', coming to a computer near you!

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