Friday, February 26, 2010

Got Something to Say? Here's Your Chance

This year at the 2010 Reference @ the Metcalfe Seminar we're opening the microphone to you, library workers of NSW.  On 4 May 2010 at the State Library we're offering you the opportunity to talk about an aspect of reference and/or library services that inspires, delights, annoys, frustrates or puzzles you.  We're dedicating part of the seminar program to a series of  Lightning Talks - brief, 5 minute talks on a topic of your choosing.

Lightning Talks have been a successful feature of barcamps, unconferences and Public Sphere events for some time. They allow the agenda of the day to be generated (at least to some extent) by the people attending in an effort to keep the program relevant.

So, if you feel passionate about library and reference services we need you to put your hand up and share your thoughts.  Register your interest in speaking on this form.  Based on the responses received, we'll put together the list of speakers and get back to you with confirmation of your place.

This is no time to leave it to someone else.  The library world needs your voice!

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