Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Competency Index for the Library Field

A competency index for the Library profession has been published by the US Webjunction organisation. The publication is available for free download. The document provides a concise overview of the skill-sets that are required in today's modern library.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see that this report includes many Web 2.0 tools as core technology competencies for all library professionals. Things such as being able to use Twitter, share photos on Flickr, IM and subscribe to an RSS feed in a feed reader - and probably most importantly, by implication, to actually do some professional reading about developments that impact how libraries can deliver services!

Ross said...

Yes it is great to see that the web 2.0 skills have been incorporated throughout the document, I suspect that there are numerous existing duty statements for Australian Library staff that have no mention of the above as yet(though staff may be involved in such pursuits).