Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Libraries Building Communities

The State Library of Victoria has produced some very interesting looking research into the role that public libraries play in society. The reports cover such ground as the value libraries bring to communities, who uses libraries and who doesn't, example of best practices and more. I haven't had a good read yet but there looks to be some very interesting stuff.

Read all about it and download the reports from their web site: Libraries Building Communities

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CatyJ said...

In this report there are some fabulous examples of the real input communities can have into their libraries - most notably the new Sir John Gorton Library at Kerang, Vic - check it out at and for a completly different view of the same building

Not only did the local community have input as to the design, etc of this building they also contributed in materials to its structure - using local artists, local craftsmen, local produce/timber, etc.